Looking for a Company That Leads the Way in Server Virtualization?

ProManaged.IT is the place for you!

Could your business benefit from a technology overhaul to free up space and streamline organizational processes?

Are your physical servers just not up to the task?

Our professional virtualization specialists have the expertise to make the leading server virtualization platforms such as VMware work for your business.


Virtualization Projects and Ongoing Virtualization Support Requirements

  • Downsizing from multiple physical servers to one – to buy back office space
  • Simplify processes for data backup and restoration
  • Maximize the use of your existing server to save on electricity costs
  • Moving to the cloud and virtualizing your servers there
  • Managing your virtualized servers to ensure proper maintenance and security


What Are the Benefits of Server Virtualization?

ProManaged.IT knows that your time and money are precious commodities. Leveraging our virtualization expertise allow you to:

  • Reduce expenditures for hardware and electricity
  • Enhance security options
  • Grow seamlessly through easy scalability
  • Provide simple management through a centralized online control panel
  • Enable business continuity
  • Improve mobile collaboration and communication
  • Redistribute resources for maximum efficiency
  • Ensure hardware ROI


Improve Processes with Server Virtualization!

Decrease the number of physical servers and move your workflow between virtual workspaces. This strategy will lower your overall costs and enable your employees to access their work from any terminal or laptop.

ProManaged.IT has made it our business to lead the way when it comes to virtualization services. We have the industry experience to know what will work for you.

There is no need to go through messy trial and error attempts before finding the right solution. We utilize industry and security best practices, and since we know what works and what doesn’t, your productivity will not even skip a beat during actualization.

Companies worldwide are moving to virtualization of servers and workflow. ProManaged.IT will guide you through the whole process – ensuring you maximize the potential of your virtual server.


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