Let Us Show You How to Get IT Help

One of the questions we hear most often is, “If we hire ProManaged.IT, are you going to available when we need you?”

The answer is, “YES!”

Through our Help Desk service, we make sure that you have access to timely IT answers and troubleshooting.

Why’s that important?

Because we want to keep your IT systems working at their best and we want you to have the answers you need to use your technology to your greatest advantage.


How Do You Access Our Help Desk Service?

Our clients are set up with three ways to get in touch with our Help Desk technicians.

  1. Send an email to support@promanaged.it
  2. Call 262-912-0060 x303
  3. Create a ticket directly in the customer portal.
  4. Using the System Tray Icon we install on their computers to email us a screenshot and create a ticket.


What Kind of Questions and IT Issues Does the Help Desk Handle?

Apart from our regular business IT consulting sessions with your leadership team, our Help Desk is the portal where everything that is technology-help related begins.

  • Want to know how to do something in Microsoft Office 365? – Call the Help Desk
  • Having trouble with one of your mobile apps? – Call the Help Desk
  • Thinking about downloading an application from the internet but aren’t sure? – Call the Help Desk
  • Smoke coming out of your server? Grab a fire extinguisher just in case…AND call the Help Desk!

We’re here for everything from the mundane questions to the emergency troubleshooting requirements.


What Happens After You Make Contact with Our Help Desk?

Regardless of whether you call, email, or send your request through the customer portal, the process is the same.

  • Step #1 – A technician takes your call or receives your request.
  • Step #2 – A Help Desk ticket and automatic response is generated informing you that your request has been received.
  • Step #3 – Your request is evaluated to determine the best course of action.
  • Step #4 – The appropriate people and resources are assigned to assist with the resolution of your ticket in accordance with our service level agreement.
  • Step #5 – You are automatically notified by email when work has begun on your ticket and are similarly notified at important steps or stages in the process going forward.
  • Step #6 – When your request has been addressed, you are notified that we have resolved the issue. Once we have been assured that you are satisfied with the resolution and your systems are working correctly, the ticket is closed.


Want to know more about our Help Desk Service?
Let’s talk. Give us a call or send an email.