Aren’t You Tired Getting Big, Surprise Break/Fix Bills and Suffering from Workflow Downtime?

Do you have to go searching for your IT support guy when something goes wrong?

Does it seem that your current IT technician is only interested in making money from you when your systems are sluggish or down?

It’s time to free yourself from the break/fix cycle and get the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive, holistic, proactive IT support.

Our Managed IT Services packages provide you with all the IT care you need to keep your business secure and productive with near-zero downtime.

Want to get more accomplished in a month?

Want to do business online without IT vulnerabilities?

Want to be more competitive in Wisconsin and across the globe?

Managed IT Services is the way forward.

Managed IT Services provides all the technology maintenance, security, and operational monitoring your business


What is Provided Inside a Managed IT Services

The ProManaged.IT team brings an array of IT services to the table, packaged in three Managed IT Services bundles.

  • Necessities Bundle – For the small or startup company
  • Full Suite Bundle – For the growing small business or mid-size company
  • Comprehensive Bundle – For the small business that is looking to scale or the mid-size company that needs total technology care.


Want more details? Let’s dive into some of the specifics that are included within our various plans.

  • Internet Intrusion Protection
  • Managed Network Infrastructure
  • Managed Power Systems/UPS
  • Managed Compliancy
  • Managed WiFI
  • Managed Mobile Devices
  • Managed WiFi Hotspot
  • Managed Online Backup
  • Managed Communication
  • Managed Windows Server
  • Managed Hybrid Backup
  • Email Archiving
  • Managed Linux or VMWare Server
  • Managed Workstations
  • Email Service MS Exchange
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Managed Web Protection
  • w/Outlook
  • Managed Web Protection
  • Managed Backup Documents
  • Email Service Exchange
  • Managed Security Risk Intelligence
  • Managed App Control
  • Compliancy
  • Office 365 Essentials
  • Unified Communications


Give us a call and talk to one of our IT specialists to help you determine what Managed IT Services bundle and services configuration is right for you.