Say Goodbye to IT Woes and Hello to Help Desk Specialists with Answers and Friendly Assistance.

With the support from our Help Desk technicians, IT worries will become a thing of your past.

When you first envisioned your company, you knew there would be a period when you had to don your “Jack of All Trades” hat and try to manage it all yourself. It didn’t take long before you began to realize that you were stretched too thin, and the burden of trying to do it all yourself meant you didn’t have the time or energy to devote to what was truly important—growing your business. In the end, everything suffered as work processes were delayed and sometimes even stalled — all because you didn’t have the right IT support in place to help your team be as efficient and productive as they could be.

Even if you had the knowledge and the skills to do your own tech work, D.I.Y. IT support costs you the most important thing needed for a successful business—time.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many businesses have gone through this same process before realizing that the best way forward is with a quality Managed IT Services provider on their side. Our Help Desk services save you both time and money, helping your business to thrive.

ProManaged.IT is a company with the experience to turn your IT struggles into triumphs of technology application and workflow transformation. Whatever your IT problems, we are here to help!


The ProManaged.IT Difference

When you partner with ProManaged.IT for your technology support services, you are guaranteed a top-notch customer service experience. We offer a quick response each time you contact our Help Desk support team, ensuring your questions are answered in real time.



The ProManaged.IT Process

Activating a Help Desk ticket is a simple process. When you encounter a problem, you have three different options available to you:

  • Email By sending an email to, you can be guaranteed one of our expert technicians will receive and respond to your message promptly. Our excellent response times will blow you away!
  • PhoneIs it urgent that you speak to an IT professional? Not to worry! You can always call us at 262-912-0060, extension 303. We are available to you anytime you need us and always welcome your call.
  • Customer portal With our easy to access customer portal, you can send us a quick message any time of the day or night. Just a few clicks and you are one step closer to an answer for your IT question or fix for your technology problem.
  • Systems Tray Icon We will install an icon on your computer that allows you to create a Help Desk ticket directly from your computer and attach a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing.


Put outstanding Help Desk technicians on your side!Contact us for more information.