Technology Has Expanded Opportunities for Wisconsin Businesses, but You Have to Protect Yourself.

Remember when all a shopkeeper needed to protect his business was a baseball bat under the counter by the cash register?

That day has come and gone.

Today’s criminals are after more than the cash you keep at the front desk. They’re after your clients’ credit card information, your banking credentials, and your company’s reputation.

To secure your business against solo hackers, ransomware thieves, and international cybercrime syndicates, you have to get IT security professionals on your side!


What Does the ProManaged.IT Team Do to Secure Your Business?

  • Email Protection – keeping spam away from your inbox and viruses away from your network.

  • Email Archiving – meeting compliance and retention requirements by systematically and automatically storing your emails.

  • Web Filtering – stopping employees and visitors on your network from accessing malicious or inappropriate web content that slows their productivity and decreases your security.

  • Managed Firewall – blocking unwanted network access by implementing, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring firewalls.

  • Intrusion Protection – staying up-to-date with patches and OS updates to prevent intrusion and to ensure compliance with regulation.

  • Wireless Information Security – designing and implementing the best wireless network for your workflow and securing it against unauthorized entry.

  • Vulnerability Analysis – using regular network security audits to discover any holes in your network that have developed because of human error or changes to software or hardware made by your employees.


Let Us Be Your Cybersecurity Consultants!

You hear about breaches and IT incidents that have impacted companies across the country, but Wisconsin
companies don’t make the news too often do they?

Does that mean that there is no danger of cybercrime here?

Of course not.

Criminals aim for the softest targets with the deepest pockets. Now that the big companies on the east and
west coasts are hardening their cyber defenses, the bad guys have begun targeting smaller and smaller organizations deeper into the country. Today, a company in Milwaukee is just as likely to be the target of cybercrime as a business in New York City.

Back in the day, castles were protected by high walls, towers, moats, and a drawbridge.

That’s us!

Let us put the defenses in place and maintain them so you can do business securely online.


How good is your IT security?
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