You, Only Better — with Office 365

ProManaged.IT is your Office 365 team. We can help you migrate and integrate this powerhouse program into your business to push your office productivity forward.

Microsoft Office 365 is the leading software targeted at improving collaborative efforts and office efficiency. You already know that Office 365 isn’t just a software program, but an entire suite of computer and mobile applications designed to work together seamlessly. With all Office 365 has to offer, it’s not hard to see why companies worldwide love and use Office 365!

But it’s not enough to buy the software subscription. You need a team that can help you harness the power of this powerful platform.

ProManaged.IT is uniquely positioned to do just that.

We have the expertise you need to smoothly implement this IT suite and migrate your legacy files, data, and email.


What Makes Microsoft Office 365 the Gold Standard for Businesses Today?

  • Convenient localized storage options
  • Improved and enhanced avenues for collaboration and communication
  • Comprehensive cloud services
  • Retained functionality of previous incarnations of Office 365
  • Strengthened security services
  • Mobile workflow capability
  • Easy scalability to grow as you grow



Why ProManaged.IT for Microsoft Office 365 Support and Migrations?

Businesses choose Office 365 for many different reasons, but it’s hard to deny that this powerhouse
program offers companies just like yours more bang for their corporate buck, an uncompromising commitment to quality, and bulletproof Microsoft dependability.

But ProManaged.IT takes things just one step further. We believe in custom-fit solutions. Our panel of IT
support professionals will tailor your Office 365 suite to fit your business to a “T”.

Here are three important questions:

  1. Could your business benefit from better tools for collaboration and communication on the go?
  2. Could your staff benefit from a reduction in stress and an increase in efficiency due to a simple switch to Office 365?
  3. Would your employees get more done if they had simple access to Office 365 specialists for answers to their daily IT questions?


Get the competitive edge with Office 365 by contacting ProManaged.IT -- We’ve got the solution for you!